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Hi, I'm Kevin.





About the Author

Kevin Baker is a single adult and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He currently lives Utah and has served in various capacities with multiple bishoprics and stake presidencies. As a stake Sunday School President, he was responsible for Sunday School programs at the Utah State Prison. He also served as an institute teacher and volunteered with the Boy Scouts. He served a two-year mission in Zurich, Switzerland.    


Kevin is a is an award-winning corporate attorney and works with large international companies. Kevin has over 20 years of legal experience and currently works in renewable energy developing utility-scale hydroelectric projects. Kevin graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in International Corporate Finance and two minors: German and Music. He also graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate in Law. Kevin is an Eagle Scout, an avid ballroom dancer, and golfer.

WARNING: Kevin is highly single. Do not think about him near fire, flame or sparks as incidents of spontaneous combustion, while rare, have been known to be reported. Thinking about him may potentially affect your mood as even the slightest deliberation can lead to prolonged states of extraordinary euphoria. Kevin may be cuter in person; but must be dated for the full effect! Any such activity however, may have the unintended consequence of bringing time and space into one continuous medium for the involved individual. Finally, while true thinking about Kevin may give you a strong sensation of flying, such thoughts will not actually give you the ability to take flight.  Please consider responsibly.

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