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A New Adventure: Publishing The Greatest Worth

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Recently, I visited a popular church bookstore in Salt Lake City, Utah. After asking for the location of the books covering topics and issues for single adults, the salesperson directed me to a section where the books (of which there were many) related exclusively to having and developing a healthy marriage relationship.

“This isn’t what I need or had in mind,” I stated, but the only other book the salesperson could find on the subject dealt with how to be successful at dating. In this moment, I felt I was experiencing insanity as some humorously define it: continuously repeating the same action and expecting different results or outcomes. My definition of insanity is much simpler: trying to get married in the church, failing, trying again, and then having those around me incessantly tell me how to improve my effort or opine on how I should accomplish a marriage.

As single adults, we are often overstuffed or satiated with a multitude of theories and advice about correct dating techniques and how to best become and remain happily married. Yet there is little advice or help for us on how to be single. Often, I ask myself why this discrepancy exists, why being single is not discussed more fully or openly in the church, and why there are few available resources on this topic for single adults.

The purpose of The Greatest Worth is to help fill this gap. It is not to assist or advise single adults on how to date or to become married. Its purpose is to uplift, aid, and comfort those who are struggling as single members of the church; to give context, perspective, and understanding about single adult issues for married members both in and out of the church; and to provide relevant facts and points of discussion about relationships and other topics for everyone so that all may feel welcome and loved in the gospel environment.

Developing and writing The Greatest Worth has taken me over ten years. This journey and the realization of its goal has been a wonderful and interesting adventure. Part of the reason the book took so long to write was the lack of available resources for single adults. Many times I had to first define the problem and issue and then find meaningful ways to describe it. I am grateful for this as it has pushed and shaped my thinking on this topic. My goal is not simply to write a book but to develop a positive conversation for people who wrestle with being single.

Thank you for your interest in The LDS Singles Guy. I hope you enjoy the resources and discussions that we will have in the future.

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